Today I Win...

These past couple of months have been hard for me. My endometriosis has made me battle the hardest I ever had to the past 3 months, and I must be honest, some days it wins. Yet, I look back. To this day. The day my husband asked me to get all dolled up and take beautiful photos of me so I can see the way he sees me. I look at these images and say "screw you endo, I got this". 

I am extremely blessed to have the support system I have. My family, best friends and devoted husband have walked with me through these tough times. I am so excited for my surgery and to close this chapter in my life and get a greater and better chapter going. My pain is real, but so is my strength, and today, today my strength wins. 

Thank you Aaron, for not only giving me this reminder, but for loving and supporting me through this painful disease. I really couldn't have done this without you my love. I love you with all my heart and soul. Always and Always, Forever and Ever. Happy Valentines Day babe!