Michael + Emily

Michael has been one of our associate photographers for the past 4 years. Really, he is family. So when he told us, he was ready to ask the love of his life to become his wife, we HAD to be there. 

Aaron and I were scrambling to get to the bridge, due to us having an engagement session run a little behind, we thought we were going to miss the proposal. We were running on the bridge and didn't even see Michael! Then...we saw the suit. The entire time I had butterflies. I was so happy for them both and so honored to be able to capture this beautiful moment. This was going to be our first time meeting Emily. Due to Michael wanting us to photograph the proposal, we purposely didn't meet her earlier, just so she didn't know who we were at the proposal! So with our award self, we just stood there with our camera's acting like we were photographing the city skyline. Moments later...he got down on one knee. 

Emily is absolutely perfect for Michael. He once told me that she has taught him how to be a man and how to love unconditionally. In that moment, he knew what he wanted to do next. Spend the rest of his life with her. 

I introduce to you...Emily and Michael's proposal!