Kasey + Lagan - Hitching Post

Kasey and Lagan are absolutely one of a kind. The day of their wedding made my emotions go haywire. Why? Well Kasey and Lagan's love is so over powering that it makes you cry with joy. I was so honored to be able to capture their friendship, devotion and passion. 

When Kasey asked us to be the photographers at her wedding, I never imagined how connected and close I would feel to her on the day of the wedding. I was so over joyed that I actually had butterflies in my stomach! Isn't that just silly? But if you know Kasey and Lagan you would understand how they can make you feel that way. Then add their beautiful and amazing family, you have no luck walking out without a drenched tissue in your hand and a smile that makes your cheeks hurt. 

I just want to say Thank You. Thank you to Kasey and Lagan for reminding why I dress up and hold a camera for 12 hours straight. Why I drop to the ground to get this one perfect image. Why I cry every time a bride walks down an isle. Why I always feel so honored to be in your presence and surround by your family that is so caring. Thank you for allowing me to capture this stunning and amazing day of yours. It has been my greatest pleasure to know you and Lagan.

Cheers to the Mr. and Mrs. Lagan Riley! <3