As many of you know, Aaron has grown up with an awesome guy named Gunnar Nyblad. Well, Gunnar not only decided to marry a bright and stunning woman by the name of Sunni, he also decided it was time for a family!


The day I found out our sweet loving Gunnar was having a baby, I screamed for joy and immediately sent him a text. I congratulated both Gunnar & Sunni, and told him that the newborn photos were on us as a gift! Gunnar & Sunni of course wanted some maternity photos, and since they had just moved into their first house together in Nashville, they didn’t see any other perfect place to take them. I also had never been to Nashville so we immediately jumped to the idea. Week later, 9-hour car ride and lots of my terrible singing we were there!

The pictures really don’t do justice of the love between Gunnar & Sunni. I remember thinking to myself “wow she is perfect for him, I have never seen Gunnar look at another person like that”. It really was astounding of how mesmerized he was by Sunni, I loved every minute of the session and loved that we could witness them together.


But enough of the writing…go ahead and check it out yourselves!