Angeline+Greg (and Loki)

Angeline and Greg we nice enough to welcome me to their house for an engagement session. They really wanted a beautiful Michigan winter session, but up until today we were having trouble getting that angelic snow.  One day it would be perfect, then when the weekend would come around it would be 50 with snow.  Today the weather was perfect and we went for it.

Loki, their English Bulldog, greeted me in the garage as soon at I got there. He is a 65 pound gentle giant that loves nothing more than going outside (ok maybe treats). He instantly smells our dogs on me, and made sure to sniff me and my bags just to make sure I wasn't hiding a dog somewhere (and he was very disappointed in my lack of treats). However, once I had the clear from Loki, I got my camera out, positioned Angie and Greg, and the show started. 

Greg, is absolutely my type of guy. He has a good amount of bread, long hair and a very laid back aura to him. He absolutely seems like the type of guy that needs very little and is 100% happy as long as the love of his live is happy, which brings me to Angeline. Angeline's smile is absolutely stunning, and every time she looked at Greg she would make it shine perfectly into the camera. I mean really, look at those smiles from these two! It really just makes our jobs so easy! 

There is nothing I love doing more, than photographing two people who are truly and incandescently happy. Thank you Angie and Greg for making my Saturday eventful and super easy! Can't wait for the big day! Congrats you two, and of course, we can't forget Loki!