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Bridal Beauty Tips

Annay ThomasComment
Bridal Beauty Tips

Aaron and I know how overwhelming things can be for both a bride a groom when planning a wedding. However, I personally know how it is more nerve wrecking for a bride leading up to her wedding. You want to look your absolute best and make sure everything from hair to nails look perfect. With that being said, I decided to share or bridal beauty tips we give our brides. It doesn't matter if you are booked with us or not. We want you to have any and all information we can give you to help your big day go stress free! 

1. Your Face Should Be Relaxed
To relax your face, you should close your eyes and let your lips fall into their natural shape and place


2. Your Eyes Should Smile
One of the more common trends among wedding parties is that of poses in which you are more serious. These involve less smiles therefore it is important for your eyes to smile.


3. Be Sure Your Makeup Is Not Orange
Even though you might feel more beautiful when you are made up with make up the cameras tend to always pull out more yellow and orange colors.  This will make you look orange in your pictures.


4. The Double Chin Should Be Avoided
The double chin can be avoided by stretching your neck and moving your head forward just a little bit.  Next you should lift your chin slightly.  This should help your double chin disappear.


5. You Can Fake Sleek Arms
If you have a sleeveless wedding dress, you will want your arms to have a sleek look.  The best way to accomplish this is to lift your arms out to the sides just a little.  This will give your biceps and triceps extra breathing room.


6. Stand Up Tall and Straight
The best way to improve your posture is to stand up straight with your shoulders back.  You should also put your chest out forward and pull in your belly button.


7. It Is Okay To Laugh A Little
Even if a laugh does not occur naturally it can be something that will be flattering in your photos.  Not to mention that laughing makes things more fun.


8. Make Bumps Disappear
No one wants to have visible bumps on their big day.  To get rid of the bumps you should use lotions and wash with lactic acid to make those unsightly bumps disappear.
9. Stop Sweat Before It Is Noticed
The best way to stop sweat is to soak up the dampness with a paper towel.  Once that is gone you can stop any unpleasant odors by using a small amount of antibacterial hand gel under your arms.