Patricia + Edward // The Kirby House // Grand Haven, MI

“You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” - Dr. Seuss

Tricia is actually a co-worker of one of our closest friend, Bethany! We have known Bethany and her husband Nate for over 7 years. Any person Bethany recommends us we know we will always have a great connection with, which did not change what so ever with Tricia and Ed! For our initial consult, we talked for so long that we ended up closing Panera! Aaron and I loved getting to know Tricia and Ed, and seeing them talk about their relationship. The way Tricia would get giddy and excited talking about starting their lives together as a married couple was so beautiful. When it came time for their engagement session I was so excited to capture all the love, giggles, playfulness and Ed’s silliness, and oh boy did we get silliness! I will never forget how hard we all laughed when I had Ed pretend to sniff Patricia’s head and his first words were “It smells like dry shampoo”. The fact that he not only knew what dry shampoo was, but also how it smelled just made us die laughing, which ultimately lead to my favorite photo in the entire session! Scroll down and see how much fun we all had at Grand Haven and see if you can point out the dry shampoo photo!

Thank you again Tricia and Ed for allowing Aaron and I to be a part of your big day! We are so blessed to be able to capture such important memories in your lives! Congratulations and we can’t wait for 2019!