McDermott Maternity // Loch Lomond // Scotland

“Having a baby is like falling in love again, both with your husband and your child.” - Tina Brown

Aaron and I photographed Rebekah and Calum’s wedding a little over 2 years ago and loved everything second of it. The story of the two of these amazing people is beyond cute it gives The Notebook a run for its money. Rebekah was in school at the time when she decided she wanted to get a pen-pal to get to know someone through the power of an old fashion letter. A few months later she found herself traveling across the ocean with her father to meet her amazing pen-pal…Calum. Calum was born and lived in Scotland with his family at the time Rebekah came to visit. Instantly there was a connect between the two, and Rebekah found herself not wanting to leave when the end of her trip was nearing. She knew then that this was a man that was going to be in her life for the long haul. Flash forward two years later and The McDermott’s were not only married and living in Scotland, but also expecting their first baby girl! At the time of their wedding Aaron and I knew Rebekah was going to be moving to Scotland shortly after the big day, so jokingly we told them that whenever they got pregnant, we would go to Scotland to take their maternity session! When we found out they were pregnant, Aaron and I looked at each other and said “well looks like we are going to Scotland”! I honestly don’t think Rebekah and Calum didn’t believe us when we said we would go, and it really did take until they saw us to believe we were there. We hardly could believe it ourselves! But it was SO worth it!  

For the session, Rebekah and Calum decided to go to a special location they both loved and had explored recently. We really didn’t want to do too much hiking or too much traveling for the session. We kept it simple but breathtaking! Every photo we captured was such an honor for us and it really made us love our job even more. For us to be able to not only photography our previous client's maternity session, but to photograph it in another country that is thousands of miles away from Michigan…. well that is just amazing and a true privilege!  

Thank you Rebekah and Calum for letting us be a part of these amazing milestones in your lives and we are so excited to capture many more!  
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