Kim + Mike - Lowell, Michigan

Nothing says love than a couple who can smile and giggle through 15 degree weather and snow fall! Kim and Mike wanted a Michigan Winter Engagement and oh my did they make it worth it! 

When it comes to knowing what you want Mike knew the moment he laid eyes on Kim that he wanted to be the man that made her happy ever day for the rest of her life. These two have one of a kind love that really can't be describe, however I will try my best. 

I always wanted to be the couple that my kids would look at and say "wow mom and dad are soulmate and that is what love is". That how I feel about my parents, and instantly we knew that Kim and Mike would be that couple. The way Kim just lights up at Mike's smile and giggles, or how Mike can close his eyes and still give a smile like he's still looking into his brides eyes. Really it's a privilege to witness such an amazing chemistry and love between two people. We thank you so much Kim and Mike, for reminding us why we do this job, and why winter engagements are really worth it. 

Congratulations, and we can't wait for the beautiful memories to capture on the big day! 

With Love,
Aaron and Annay