Arielle + Cody - Riverside Park

When it comes to natural posing, Arielle and Cody are your couple. The way they delicately wrap their hands around each other. The way Cody instantly give a small giggle when he "sniff's" Arielle's forehead. Everything was perfect, and it showed in each image that was taken.   

At the time that Arielle and Cody book us for their wedding, we had no clue how easy they were going to make our jobs. They know exactly what they want, how, when and where. When they stand in front of a camera, there isn't a lot of directly these two. They naturally just show their love to each other in the most authentic way possible. These images really are one of a kind, just like Arielle and Cody. 

Thank you Arielle & Cody! We seriously can't wait for the BIG DAY! 

With Love, 
Aaron & Annay