Ella's Blog

Photographing seniors in high school always bring back feeling of my senior year, which is a big reason why I love to photograph seniors. They give you a fresh look at life, and in some ways keep you young while remembering your youngin’ days. Ella is no different from that. She is one colorful vibrant human being. She laughs every chance she cans and only wants to give help without expecting nothing in return. She reminds me of me. So smart and kind of an old soul. She is so humble and very much okay with just having a pair of worn out jeans she has had since freshmen year and her red converse she wants to wear everywhere but her mom, Shelley, refuses to let that happen. Aaron and I haven’t known Ella and her family for long. Her maternal Uncle is actually one of our grooms from this past year. The type of family Ella comes from shows why she is such an amazing and bright young woman. We wish her all the best. Enjoy every second of life Ella, and always remember to stay true my darling. Congratulations on your last year in high school, and may life bring you all the best things in the world!


Much Love,

Annay and Aaron Thomas