Haley and Matt…oh what a day! August 20th.

Throughout our 6 years of photographing weddings, we have never had a tornado on the wedding.  It sounds worse than it was, but it did make for an interesting start to the day. We had pouring rain to start the day with crazy winds.  Haley and Matt handled everything in stride and we still did their first look and portraits outside.

We hid under the awning in the front of the Holiday Inn (where they got ready), for the first look. This turned out beautiful and I was the only one that had to get wet.  We also ended up using this for family images.

We then headed out to the Bissell Tree House at the John Ball Zoo for the ceremony, but we weren’t allowed to go in when we got there.  The animals had to be counted after storms to make sure none were running around, nothing will ruin a wedding more than a lion rooming around.  So we took the rest of the bridal party and family images right there in front of the zoo (with a couple of umbrellas to help us out). This gave Annette sometime to take some beautiful detail shots of the bouquet and each person in the bridal party.

Once we headed up to the tree house, the weather had pretty much completely changed and we even got some sunshine.  This allowed us to have the wedding outside on the beautiful deck area, and still have everyone be comfortable.

The reception was packed full of details including animal figurines to hold the table assignments and every kind of delicious cookie one could want. Wonderful best man, maid of honor, along with Haley’s dad speeches highlighted the night. Animal masks were also passed around, which made for some really interesting dancing shots to end the evening, along with some beautiful evening light to show off the city behind Haley and Matt on the terrace.

On to the images…!

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