Croff Home Birth // Grand Rapids, MI // January 7, 2018

Croff Home Birth // Grand Rapids, MI // January 7, 2018

"A females body knows how to have a baby, just like it knows how to grow one too."

Aaron and I have known The Croff Family, back when it was just Mike and he was renting lenses out to us. Fast forward 4 years later and not only is Michael a friend of ours, he is also a part of our company as well. He has been our second photographer for the past 3 years, and we have become so attached to his stunning wife Emily, and his two children Lilya and Tim. When Emily and Michael found out they were adding another person to their tripod, they instantly knew that they wanted to have a home birth. Shortly after that was decided, they asked if I, Annay, could come and photograph the birth, which of course I was more than thrilled to do! 

I honestly can't express how beautiful and amazing it was watching an all-natural at home birth. First off, any woman that has children is a WARRIOR, natural or not, it is crazy what we put ourselves through for our children. Ripping ourselves open from the inside out is one of those mind-blowing things we do so our children come into this world as safe as possible.

As soon as I walked into the Croff's household, I knew this baby was already so loved. Not only did Emily have her husband, Michael, guiding her through everything, she also had her mother's hands, shoulders and heart to walk her through her journey. Emily has had two incredible midwives through West Michigan Midwifery, Jennifer and Jeni. This was a very laid back birth, however, at the same time both Jen's made sure they were monitoring Emily and Baby Timmy every half of hour. They weren't just there to help position Emily or monitor her vitals, they were also the best support system a girl could ask for. When things started to progress quickly and it was time for baby to make his grand entrance, they were cheering Emily right along with Mike and her mom. More than 6 hours after I arrived at the house, Timothy Jacob Croff, was born at 12:43am, weighing 8lbs 11 ounces! 

This whole experience was such an honor and blessing to witness. I am so glad that Emily and Michael allowed me in their home and to capture such an intimate, loving and marvelous milestone in their lives. I truly can't thank you enough and I'm so happy that our little Snow Creek Family is growing! Aaron and I love you guy so much, and we can't wait to see what the future has in store for you and your family.  Congrats Croff Family!