Laura + Seth // Central Methodist + Grand Haven Golf Club

“I see trees of green, red roses too. I see them bloom, for me and you, and I think to myself…what a wonderful world.” - Louis Armstrong

We are using that lyric of that particular song since it was actually a special part in Laura and Seth’s day. The whole day everything cried happy joyful tears, everyone smiled so big that it made the room light up a certain way. We honestly couldn’t explain it, we could only just capture these memories and hope we did it justice through images. Anyone who knows me (Annay) knows that I cry at basically everything, I wear my heart on my sleeves and there isn't a wedding I don’t cry at. Although even though I cry at everything, there are still certain weddings where I cry so hard that I can’t even focus my camera, or I have to excuse myself and cry in a random corner. There are even fewer wedding were Aaron cries as well as I do. Well Laura and Seth’s wedding are now a part of those few! It started with a few of Laura’s family members deciding to play a tradition song for them to dance to. I’m sure you can guess what song that was…. What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. I have a sweet spot for Louis Armstrong, so needless to say the tears came rolling down. At this point I should say that Seth’s GORGEOUS Mother, Lisa, was one proud momma of all three of her children. However, the way she just stared at her newly married son was different than most mothers. She was so grateful to be there to witness her son marry the love of his life. I had the honor of talking to her and honestly, I wanted her to adopt me. This woman is one strong soulful person. She had a walker to assist her from time to time but truthfully, I never once noticed it, and it did not stop her in any shape or form. Especially when it came time to dance with her son. Oh man did the tears REALLY start flowing! I had to sneak away and gather myself, and when the song was done, I looked at Aaron and he immediately said “DON’T LOOK AT ME” laughing through his joyful tears! We both were a hot mess! The tears kept going and by the time they did the anniversary dance, and Laura’s grandparents were the last two standing, my heart couldn’t take anymore. A week after the wedding, we found out that Laura’s grandpa ended up getting ill and passing away. After learning that, we honestly couldn’t have been more honored to have been captured all these beautiful memories, for not just Laura and Seth, but also their entire family. We truly hope you are able to cherish every single image for the years to come. 

All The Love,
Annay & Aaron


In Loving Memory of Paul Lukanic