“Where I wander, wherever I rove, The hill of the Highlands forever I love.” - Robert Burns

Last year Annay and I had the privilege to go to the UK for a very special maternity session. Both of had never been to the UK so we decided to mix our business trip with a personal one and we have zero regrets. The types of photos we were able to capture were something I had always dreamed about. My dream job is to be a landscape photographer for a magazine and just travel the world capturing everything it has to offer. This trip gave me a little piece of that and I will always be forever grateful. I truly can’t wait to travel more with my wife and experience so much alongside of her. To be able to look back later in life to all the places we have seen. Times like these I am very humble to have the ability to create something beautiful. Hope you guys can experience something while looking through the images below. Thank you for your time and happy travels to all the wanderlusts out there.