Christina+Dan - Old Stonegate Farms

We really didn’t believe Christina and Dan when they told us their wedding day was going to be a rockin’ party. Of course, people have fun at wedding’s but Christina and Dan’s love ones bring it to a completely different level. CRAZY, FUN, LAUGH UNTIL YOU PEE LEVEL!

Not once did our camera’s get to rest, only when we ate of course (THE FOOD WAS AMAZING!). However, every other time there was always someone doing a memorable dance move, hugging it out with the groom or just laughing so hard abs grew on everyone. It was truly an unforgettable night and we were so honored to be able to not just be a part of it but to capture all the beautiful memories.

Thank you, Christina and Dan, for making our job so much fun. We are STILL trying to recover from the amazing day.

We love you two!
Snow Creek Photography