Cosmo and Lilys Birthday!

Cosmo and Lilys Birthday!

As you all know already, we are dog lovers! To the point that we have 4 fur babies! You heard that right, not 1, not 2, but 4 four legged babies. We decided to get Cosmo about 8 months after we got married and then Lily Pad came into our lives a year later. Now being the cheapskate people we are, we thought it would be cheaper and "easier" to not get them fixed, and let me tell you guys now, NOT TRUE!

Lily Boots/Pad (she has alot of middle names lol) happened to get pregnant when she was a little over 1 and we were gifted with 5 more fur babies. I never say I regret not getting Lily and Cosmo fixed, because we wouldn't have witnessed everything we did. Bringing the babies home for the first time, seeing my Lily Pad feed and clean her babies were just such a beautiful things to see. After debating whether we should keep all 5 pups and having a total of 8 fur babies, we decided it was best to just give them great homes. We keep in-touch with every single one of them still to this day, one (Frida) is actually with one of my best friends (Eric) that lives in Chicago. We decided to keep two, Bill Nye and Feynman. Yes, we named our babies after two great minds in this world, we are nerds! 

After everything we had been through with Cosmo and Lily, and the fact that we never really gave them a birthday party, Aaron and I decided to throw them a BIG party for their 3rd and 4th birthday. Of course we received odd looks from a few people, when we said we were going to throw our dogs a birthday party, and of course, WE DID NOT CARE! To those that have doggies know how we feel about our babies. They are our children and we love them so much, so we will throw them a birthday every day if we want to!

As you will see in the photographs, Cosmo and Lily Boots are very loved. Their daughter Frida came to celebrate with them all the way from Chicago. Also we had our friends and family come and celebrate with them from all over. We are all so blessed to have the people in our life that are willing to come put on a party and celebrate our babies birthday with us. So without further a due...please scroll down to see the shindig we gave our Cosmo Eugene and Lily Boots Thomas! Happy birthday babies, and thank you for blessing us with all your love and licks you give your dad and I every day, WE LOVE YOU!!!  

Below are all the vendors/stores that helped us make this day so beautiful! Thank you all! 

Photography: Snow Creek Photography
Cake: Dogwood Barkery
Lily's Hair and Bath: Wash & Wags Pet Grooming
Decor: DIY and Michaels
Birthday Outfit: PetSmart