So this weekend was a pretty eventful weekend for Aaron and I. We had two of our family members give birth about 2-3 weeks early, and all within day of each other! I was getting my baby fix from all the previous baby sessions I was doing and I'm not sure if seeing these beautiful innocent babies made my baby fever better or worse.....

It made it worse... Get ready to see some cuteness! 

First we have Asher Duane Blaauw. Born on April 25 at 11:47pm, weighing 9 pounds and 15 oz, and being one stubborn little boy and taking his sweet time to arrive! Our sister Ashley's water broke at about 2am April 25 and it wasn't until 21 hours and 47 minutes later that our precious Asher made his grand appearance to this world. He also has one beautiful big sister, Kendall, that is just as beautiful and loves to try to figure our what to do with baby brother. As Kendall saw me carrying around Asher, she mimiced me with her doll and I almost died of the cuteness. I was talking and singing to Asher and she was doing the same thing to her baby. 

Seeing our family grow bigger and bigger makes us so happy.  

We honestly couldn't have been prouder of Ashley for being a tropper, and for our brother Josh cheering his wife every step of the way. We can not wait to take more photos of Baby Asher!