Worden Twins!

So as you all know from my last post my baby fever has been in full effect this week! Well you can blame it on these two precious angles, Greyson and Xyander! Their amazing and awesome parents, Yaharia and Ryan, actually got married last August and we had the pleasure of photographing their wedding. This was the wedding that I actually got on the dance floor during the dollar dance and took selfies with Ryan, so needless to say, Aaron and I became very close with them. When Ryan called me to tell me they were expecting twins, of course Aaron and I were thrilled! I immediately started to get ideas for baby photos (started a board on Pinterest and everything, haha). 

The day had came for us to do the baby photos and oh my was I excited! Since they are twins, they both are tiny little things and I just knew I was going to melt as soon as I saw them. We walked into the door, Ryan was outside waiting for us to arrive (he might have been more excited than me) . Yahaira was feeding them, and their two daughters were inside watching SpongeBob SquarePants movie. It was such a beautiful sight to see the whole family together, as soon as we walked into the condo it felt so welcoming and loving. We had brought the family food, which Yahaira and Ryan thought was so nice, but of course that was just an excuse for us to hold the babies while they ate! ;) 

Greyson is the bigger one and you can tell by his cute big tummy and the way he eats. Xyander is just a cuddle monster and loves kisses. I couldn't stop staring at these gorgeous babies. Thank you Hida and Ryan for letting us into your warm and loving home. Thank you for letting me get my baby fix in and thank you for being such inspiring parents! Congratulations! 

Here is proof of how much I was melting....