Paige + Greg

Paige + Greg

Paige and Greg's Engagement session was only able to be 20 minutes long...and we STILL fell in love with EVERY SINGLE PHOTO!

It really shocked us how much we loved the entire session and how much fun we had due to the fact that we were rushing the entire session making sure it didn't get dark on us! 

Due to an accident on the highway Paige and Greg were on, to get to our session, made them get stuck in terrible traffic. We had timed the session to start right before sunset and honestly even with the delay of the session, the light was still absolutely beautiful for the session. However, that sun was setting and setting fast. So we just mapped out spot before Paige and Greg got there so we can just pose them and go! 

It worked out extremely prefect and a HUGE reason why we love these photos and why the session was so much fun, was because every time Paige looked at Greg her face would instantly glow. Their loved completely showed and in between Paige's giggles you would see Greg so focused on Pagie, taking in every second of her beautiful smile.

Take a look below of this beautiful love between these two <3

It really was a privlege for us to not just witness their love but to be able to photograph it and bring it to light for them, their love ones and family. Thank you Pagie and Greg, it was a blast and we have to go back to remember to feed the ducks! =)