Katie+Tyler - Backyard Wedding

Wow. Where do I start with this wedding...well I guess first off I have never been so emotional at a wedding like I was at this one and trust me when I say they were all happy tears. From the moment we walked in Katie was giving her parents their "wedding day gifts" and you can just tell how much love and care was in the room. Smiles, laughter, tears and all. The way Katie's parents looked at her...it was an expression that we always see at weddings from parents often...JOY. They were so proud of not just their daughter but also with their soon-to-be son-in-law. Everyone was over the moon to have both of these families come together. Follow us with this journey of the little, adorable, church wedding, and their beautiful and amazing backyard reception. 

Everything about this dress...I LOVED! Katie made such a beautiful bride, this dress was completely made for her. She was not scared to show her edgy side just because it was her wedding, the converse heels said it all! She rocked everything...ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! 

Katie got ready in a classroom located in the church school, which lighting was not what we hoped for...that was until we saw the HUGE window in the far back corner. We took advantage of the natural lighting coming through on that gorgeous day. 

Meet Brendon! Katie and Tyler's three year old son, he was SO adorable and did not help my baby fever! He was also NOT camera shy and posed for the camera plenty of times showing off his flower, shoes and of course his "manly" look. 

Katie and Tyler met at Grand Valley State University, the downtown campus. She was standing under a tunnel by her doom building talking to her mom on her phone when Tyler decided to be bold and talk to this beautiful girl...and the rest was history. It only seem suited that we went back to the tunnel and take some wedding photos of where it all started. 

The wedding reception was at Katie and Tyler's home, in their backyard and wow did they do an amazing job with the setup of the entire thing. Everything was extremely elegant but very cozy at the same time. As soon as you walked into this event you felt like you were at home. Katie went above and beyond with everything and put her's and Tyler's touch with a lot of Do-It-Yourself items. It was Pinterest Central and I was in heaven. From the Lilies (my favorite flowers) to the homemade bug spray...I was at awed of everything. 

After photographing 100+ weddings, we have heard any and all wedding toast. The hilarious ones were the best man thanks the bartenders for such a beautiful day, the awkward ones were no one know what this person is talking about...."cats are my world"....What??? Then there are the ones that are just prefect, funny, emotional and heartfelt. That was these one...and not just one...ALL of them. After Katie's sister gave her beautiful speech thanking her sister for all the great childhood memories and being so proud of what she has become, Tyler's best man and little brother, Gabriel, was overcome with emotions and shyness and was unable to give a speech but that didn't stop Tyler from thanking his little brother and giving us the most genuine story of the day he held him in his arms for 12 hours without any want to let him go. Gabriel was adopted and brought from Guatemala at about 6-9 months. Tyler said as soon as he held his brother in his arms he knew he was always meant to be his little brother.

After all the tears were wiped up then came more laughter. Meet the two ladies that not just grew up with Katie but also went to high school where we find Katie had a secret celebrity crush. Not just a "OMG I'm so in love" and write on my binder...but those silly crazy one where you cut out you face and stick it on the person's girlfriend body...YEP! Katie did that with the one and only Joel Madden from Good Charlotte and of course...her friends kept it for a rainy day...that raining day being her wedding! Katie's face was PRICELESS! 

This wedding was beyond beautiful and it gave us so much joy and honored that Katie and Tyler let us be apart of it with them. Thank you so much guys, thank you to your family that were so caring and fun, thank you for all the laughs and tears. We had such a blast! To Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Current, may you be blessed with many many years! Cheers!