This is actually very hard to do. Describe myself? Well one thing I know for sure is there is nothing I wouldn't do for my clients, I remember sewing a dress together, and if you knew me, I have absolutely zero skills in sewing. I poked myself about 20 times and my finger tips were throbbing on the last stitch. However, looking at my brides face, the joy and gratefulness she had, really made every single moment worth it!
I am also a strong believer in everything happens for a reason. It all goes back to when I moved here 10 years ago. I was 18 and scared out of my mind, however, it was about 8 years ago when I realized the reason I came meet the love of my life….Aaron. He has showed me so many things in life. He is so gifted and smart, yet the best part of Aaron is how he never expects anything back from people. He will give you his time, love and care and not ask for a single thing.

I am so glad we decided 7 years ago to create Snow Creek Photography, because not only has it made us stronger, it has also allowed us to meet and bond with every person we have worked with. I am so blessed to have someone like Aaron and to have such an amazing job. I can never see myself doing anything else. Aaron and I grew as a couple, man and woman, and without a doubt a great pair of photographers. We love showing other their love in our pictures and letting them know that the world should see it as well...we have fun at all our business events, and like always We. Have. A. Blast!  

This is our story....this is us....this is Snow Creek Photography


Well like my beautiful wife said, I have no clue how to describe myself. Honestly, my photography has always been my escape from stress, and it just grew into something bigger when I met Annay. The decision for us to go into the photographing business was not taken lightly and especially by me. I was use to doing things how I wanted them and never asked for other peoples advice because I didn’t want to hear it. Little did know, knowing other people and seeing things the way they do makes you a better and open person. I always want my photos to show you a memory, whether that be of someone or an event, I just want to make sure my clients can remember the feeling they felt when that moment was happening. Ever since my mother passed, I make sure to always get those photographs of parents and grandparents that no one else sees. Grandma sitting alone on a bench ready the program, grandpa helping grandma down the steps by carrying her purse and giving her a hand, or the one of mom and dad just looking at the entire wedding guests and smiling away feeling blessed. The photos that may not seem like a Pinterest pin, may be the most important images taken, you just never know. I truly feel honored at each of our sessions, and I couldn’t thank my clients, my family and my wife for pushing me to be a greater photographer each and every day.

Our Pooches:

We had to include our fur babies in our about us since they are a HUGE part of our lives! Aaron and I are the crazy people who had 4 dogs and want to adopt so many more dogs! The question always comes up on how we ended up with four dogs, and well to make a long story short, our girl dog (Lily Pad) ended up pregnant with 5 pups. We gave 3 away to close friends and kept 2! So they are their own little family since Lily Pad got pregnant by our boy dog (Cosmo Eugenie). The two babies are Feynman Coal and Bill Nye, and yes we are total geeks! Aaron is a huge science and physics person so when we had to name the babies, we could resist in giving them geeky names! No one really get the Feynman reference, but that is for Richard Feynman, an American Theoretical Physicist, known for Theory of Quantum Electrodynamics….basic stuff on how light and matter interact. Again, we are GEEKS! Then of course there is our sweet and gentle Bill Nye, who is duhh…named after Bill Nye The Science Guy. If I could re-name our dogs I would rename Cosmo to Albert Einstein and call him Albie! But our babies are just that, our babies. We would do anything for them…even throw them a birthday party, invite our closest friends, photograph it and blog about it! Check out Lily and Cosmo’s birthday party that was blog! It will show you just how much a crazy dog people we are and how much we love our pooches!